Pink Queen Beach Cover-up

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Add a Cover-up for Elegance and Comfort (Fashion Beach Dress 25% OFF! Free Shipping!) It is not unusual for you to feel somewhat self-conscious about […]

Fabulous Beach Swimwear

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! How To Look Fabulous In Beach Swimwear This Summer (15% off for first order with ROMWE code ‘15%off’) Summer is the time the sun shines for […]

Crochet Me a Bikini

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Summer Bikinis Are Naturally Sexy

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Expression or Impression

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Expression Before Impression! Comfort, freshness, daring, shyness, boldness, fantasy… Whatever you feel, or want to feel, there is a way to express those feelings through what […]

History of Bikinis

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Short History of First Bikinis and Swimsuits Part I of II (SAVE 10% on Orders over $55 – Coupon Code: CHICNICO55!) The Debut Over seventy […]

Color Block Swimwear

Welcome to the Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Rising Trend in Color Block Swimsuits (High-leg One Piece Swimsuits, Fabulous Discounts!) While prints and solid colors will undoubtedly remain the favorites for bathing suit buyers […]