Purchase Swimwear Online

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Three Reasons to Purchase Swimwear Online ($20 Off High Waisted Bikini Set – Time & Quantity Limited!) You know that summer is on the way! […]

Off Shoulders is 'On'!

Welcome to the Bikinis-You-Luv blog! 9 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford To Miss The Off Shoulders Trend (A Huffington Post article!) [Editor’s Note: Although this article is from 2016, it shares […]

History of Bikinis

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Short History of First Bikinis and Swimsuits Part I of II (SAVE 10% on Orders over $55 – Coupon Code: CHICNICO55!) The Debut Over seventy […]