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The Seduction of Keyhole Bikinis

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We all know a keyhole in a door provides a very limited view of what’s behind it. That, obviously, is the concept designers had for creating a ‘keyhole’ in the top of women’s clothing. Keyholes are found on dresses, tank tops, t-shirts, lingerie, bras, and – YES – bikinis. You can find keyholes on one-piece, tankini, bandeau, halter and string bikini swimwear.

Plus Size Tribal Printed Keyhole High Waisted Bikini – Tutti Frutti

What Keyhole Bikinis Are

Keyholes can refer to a small opening anywhere on a piece of clothing, e.g., the front, back, side, or even rear. The hint of allure and sensuality, however, seems to come across best on the front of the bodice. The woman wearing a keyhole bikini is one who wants to be a bit mysterious, a tad mischievous, a little daring. But she doesn’t want to show so much skin as to be overtly conspicuous.

RoseWholesale High Neck Cut Out Bikini
High Neck Cut Out Bikini

Size and Locations

Some keyholes can be very small, the size of a dime or smaller, as you might see on the center strap of a bra. These might be circular openings or slits. Larger keyholes on casual wear and bikinis can open just above, in the middle, or below your cleavage; they can also show more of the tops of your breasts or the entire area from the top of your cleavage to the bottom.

RoseWholesale String Halter Hollow Out Bikini Set
String Halter Hollow Out Bikini Set


Creating these keyhole bikinis is done via cut-outs or the arrangement of straps or strings. Some of the cut-outs you see will be covered with mesh fabric or lacy designs. You may also see, on one-piece swimsuits, an added keyhole over the tummy. Keyhole shapes can also be oval, teardrop, V, squat circle, diamond, or other shapes.

RoseWholesale Anchor Print Keyhole Backless Tankini Swimsuit
Anchor Print Keyhole Backless Tankini Swimsuits

Choose Your Comfort Level

Your confidence, the size of your bust, and the effect you intend (elegant, alluring, flirtatious, or downright sexy) will determine the location and how large a keyhole opening you can be comfortable with.

RoseWholesale Leaves Print Cami Keyhole One Piece Swimsuit - Green
Leaves Print Cami Keyhole One Piece Swimsuit – Green

Choose carefully but go ahead and add an alluring keyhole bikini that’s right for you to your beach bag. And appreciate the approving glances and stares you receive!

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