No Chips on These Off Shoulder Bikinis!

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Off Shoulder Bikinis Add Flair to Necklines

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Obviously, anything about shoulders or necklines refers to the top portion of bikinis. Granted that bandeau tops or bandinis are also ‘off shoulder’ bikinis (because they do not have straps over the shoulders or around the neck), but let’s take a look at a specific style.

Chicnico Flora Print Cute Off Shoulder Bikini Set
Flora Print Cute Off Shoulder Bikini Set

This Specific Off Shoulder Style

The style we are talking about has no straps rising above the top of the bikini but they do have little sleevelets or armbands that are attached to the top. These may have rather thin coverage of the breasts, like a bandeau, a fuller tankini look, or even the full torso coverage of a one-piece. There are also off shoulder cover-ups for the top. This makes these tops quite striking in appearance and you can find off shoulder styles of casual tops and even dresses as well.

Chicnico Off The Shoulder Striped High Waist Bikini Set
Off Shoulder Striped High Waist Bikini Set

Size May Not Matter

Stylish and comfortable as they are, be sure you feel good in an off shoulder bikini before you plunk down your credit card! Although sizes can go up to XL, it is most likely that smaller, A to C cup, chested women will find themselves able to really rock this style. But don’t let me dissuade you – if you are larger breasted, at least give one a try!

Also note the variety of bottoms you can wear with one of these tops – anything from little Brazilian bottoms to high-waisted ones, from plain to prints to strappy!

Chicnico Summer Walk Boho Floral Print Bikini Set
Summer Walk Boho Floral Print Bikini Set

Versatility Counts

If you want to flaunt your nice looking shoulders, arms, and neckline, this may just be the right style for you. Notice also how this style draws attention to your top rather than your bottom, if that is important to you. The great thing about off shoulder bikinis is that they look almost casual. Pull on a pair of shorts and you are ready to go check out the shops or the margarita bar!

Chicnico Cute Bateau Lace Cover Up Open Work Top
Cute Bateau Lace Cover Up Open Work Top

As always, be adventurous, know yourself, and don’t buy anything you have doubts about. This is YOUR time to let your partner, or the crowd around you, see that you like to have fun and don’t mind looking like you do. Be your own woman and be proud!

By Rob Dunn

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