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Why Mix-n-Match Remains So Popular

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The biggest problem with buying a two-piece bikini set is that many women are not as symmetrical as the suits that the designers make for models. In other words, women who are small on the top are not always small on the bottom. Or medium, or large for that matter. And it’s not just size where we find this issue.

Size or Style?

Maybe you really love a certain type of top but you like several different bottoms for different outings or situations. You might find that you want to only wear one type of bottom but you like the look of several different tops. There are plenty of solutions!

Pierre Silber Royal Bikini Swimsuits "Mix and Match"
Royal Bikini Swimsuits “Mix and Match”

Many Options and Separates

First of all, if it’s different styles you are looking at, there are plenty of variations and combinations, especially online. But if it’s a matter of needing different sizes in the top and bottom, you need to look at mix-n-match options. On most online swimwear websites, not only will you find bikini sets but also separates. You can choose whatever top you prefer and, as well, any bottom you like.

Pierre Silber Bubble Gum Pink Bikinis "Mix and Match"
Bubble Gum Pink Bikinis “Mix and Match”

Mix-n-Match Sets

On several sites, such as the featured site here, there are ‘sets’ where you can choose one of several top styles, in several sizes; as well, you can choose one of several bottom styles, also in several sizes. The varieties of tops available include triangle, halter, and underwire. The bottom varieties include thong, American, and Brazilian.

Pierre Silber White Bikini Swimsuits "Mix & Match"
White Bikini Swimsuits “Mix and Match”

Obviously, you first need to know what your body measurements are and what sizes your top and bottom will fit. Then, you have to decide what styles will bring out the best features you have. If you are more or less pretty symmetrical, find the bikini set made for you. Should you find, however, that you don’t look like a perfect bikini model, why not look for a mix-n-match ensemble? You will end up with the styles and the sizes that fit best and look great on you!

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