Technical and Other Aspects of a Halter Top Bikini

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Understanding Halter Top Bikinis

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You have been to many stores looking for bikinis and searching many online websites and you keep hearing or seeing the words ‘halter top’. Yet there are so many kinds of bikinis that are called ‘halter top’ that you get confused over what the term means. Let’s get it figured out, ok?

The Technical Term

To be technically correct, the term simply applies to how the top of the swimsuit ties in the back. Unlike the bra or bikini that uses straps over the shoulder that connect to the strap on the back behind the bust, a ‘halter top’ ties at the neck. The original definition comes from the rope or strap tied around an animal’s head you would use to lead it. But, maybe more appropriate, think of an apron that you toss over your neck and tie behind the back.

FireVogue Black Printed Cutout Halter Bikini Set
Black Printed Cutout Halter Bikini Set

Benefits of the Halter Top

The main reason women wear halter top bikinis when sunbathing is that there are no tan lines where the straps going down the back would be. Added benefits would be the ease of fastening (and unfastening) the top of the bikini/bra, more confidence in wearing an open back outfit, and the avoidance of discomfort from straps cutting into your shoulders.

FireVogue Lace it Up Halter Bikini Set
Lace it Up Halter Bikini Set

Size Matters

One would think, because of the lack of ‘straps over the shoulders’ support, that this style of bikini top would be more suited for women with breasts no larger that a C cup…not true. Depending on the swimsuit’s style and support in other areas, a halter top swimsuit can be worn by women of all sizes.

FireVogue Growing On Me Halter One-piece Swimsuit
Growing On Me Halter One-piece Swimsuit

Additional Considerations?

Although the technical term stands as correct, I would posit that there is another, maybe better, description that one can add to what a halter top bikini includes. That would be the design where most of the breast support comes from having the straps connecting more towards the outer sides of the breasts than to the top of the fabric covering the breasts. This is especially relevant for larger-breasted women or those who wish to cover the outer curve and maybe help push the breasts together for more cleavage.

FireVogue Vintage Floral Print High-Waisted Bikini Set
Vintage Floral Print High-Waisted Bikini Set

Obviously, the question “Should I buy a halter top bikini?” is one that only YOU can answer. If, after trying several styles, you don’t find one that’s comfortable, then go with a conventional top. But if you find comfort and like the benefits, go ahead and add one of these to your collection!

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