August 2017

Fashion One Piece Swimwear

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Fashion Bikinis (PinkQueen: Sexy Swimwears Up to 45% OFF + Free Shipping!) One would definitely want to dazzle the vast crowd on the beach in a […]

Scrunch Butt/Pucker Back is HOT!

Welcome to the Bikinis-You-Luv blog! What Are Scrunch Butt Bikinis? (Over 1000 styles of Scrunch Butt/Pucker Back Bikinis here!) Yes, you must have heard about, or come across this latest trend […]

Skirted Swimwear

Welcome to the Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Look For Skirted Swimsuits Online To Flaunt Your Body On the Beach (PinkQueen 5% OFF Coupon for Registering!) Ditch the Stress Summer is the perfect season […]

Tankini Swimsuits Are In!

Welcome to the Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Beat The Heat In A Model Way With Flattering Tankini Swimsuits (PinkQueen Clearance Sale: Sexy Swimwear Up to 45% OFF + Free Shipping!) The sweltering summer […]

Swimwear Shopping Made Easy

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Shopping for Swimwear is Fun! (40% OFF for 1st order with the APP – Get the App Today!) There are a lot of factors you need […]

Zaful String Bikinis

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Finding The String Bikini That Suits You Best (Gamiss Swimwear Sale, Up to 85% OFF, Choose Your Style!) The string bikini suits more outgoing types, due […]

Expression or Impression

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Expression Before Impression! Comfort, freshness, daring, shyness, boldness, fantasy… Whatever you feel, or want to feel, there is a way to express those feelings through what […]

Zaful Swimwear

Welcome to the  Bikinis-You-Luv blog! Shop A Colorful Bikini For Your Beach Vacation Are you looking forward to spend some quality time on an island? If so, get ready for a […]

Different Swimsuits for Different Bodies

Welcome to the  3-Bikinis-of-the-Day blog! Swimwear to Suit Every Woman’s Figure (Your fall wardrobe arrives! Gamiss saves 75% off for you with all attractive fall styles!) Women have the choice […]