One Shoulder Bikinis Are Nothing to Shrug at!

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One Shoulder Fashion Invades the Swimsuit Realm

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In another blog post here, I showed how off-shoulder swimsuits add flair to the look of a woman’s neckline and/or shoulders.

Not Off Shoulder

In a similar, but sexier, vein, one of the most alluring dress fashions is the one-shoulder style. For quite some time a popular choice as part of exotic form-fitting dresses, the one shoulder style has recently infiltrated casual tops and now swimwear as well!

Although bikinis are, in themselves, a part of the ‘sexy lifestyle’ (even if for but one week a year!), one shoulder bikinis or swimsuits are still a bit sexier, i.e., more alluring, than regular swimwear. In fact, the difference is not that they are necessarily more exotic, but rather just more original!

Poise and Versatility

Whether on bikinis or one-piece swimsuits, one shoulder styles almost scream “Confidence”! (And there is little that a woman can do to be sexy than to simply show confidence – in herself, her body, and her attire!) In case you are thinking that such a bikini can only be worn effectively by women with small breasts, consider the bandeau. Bandeau bikinis, or even strapless tops and dresses, are made for women of all sizes. Having a strap over one shoulder just provides that extra support while adding a dash of unorthodox fashion to the mix!

FashionMia One Shoulder Flounce Zigzag Striped Bikini
One Shoulder Flounce Zigzag Striped Bikini

FashionMia Extraordinary One Shoulder Printed Bikini
Extraordinary One Shoulder Printed Bikini

FashionMia One Shoulder Cutout Chain Plain One Piece
One Shoulder Cutout Chain Plain One Piece

Questions To Ask Yourself

Obviously, there are several considerations for wearing a single shoulder swimsuit. Does it fit well? Can you move freely in it? Is it snug enough to make you feel comfortable? Does it show off your neckline and shoulder(s) positively and attractively?

Seek and Ye Shall Find

If, after all considerations and some fittings, you decide to purchase a one shoulder bikini, you may have to search a bit to find just the right color and style for you. Although most stores and designers should have at least several options, you may find it simpler to search online merchants. Almost all online swimwear merchants include numerous possibilities of one shoulder bikinis for you to choose from.

Different Styles

There are left or right shoulder versions, normal or frilly two-piece bikini tops, and many designs among the one-piece options, including those with cut outs, zigzag coverage, and mesh panels. As I said, you may have to do some searching, but the style you are looking for is out there!

So, do you want to stand out in a crowd of two strap bikinis or not? Whether it is attention you are wanting or just the satisfaction of knowing you look great, it could be that one shoulder bikinis can do it for you!

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