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Full Figured Women Celebrate in Their Plus Size Swimsuits

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With so much media attention in the past on skinny or perfect-body swimsuit models, it used to be frustrating for a full-figured woman to find a swimsuit that rocks. But these days, there is no need for frustration or worry – there are plenty of styles to rock your body!

Changes in the Industry

In years gone by, swimwear makers DID have larger sizes of swimwear but hid them behind photos of thin models. Now you can find many companies that cater to all sizes including larger sized women; they celebrate larger sizes with full-figured models and lovely designs. Thus there is no longer any excuse for a full-figured woman to avoid the beach or pool.


Unfortunately, if you search online for the term ‘full figured swimwear’ (the ‘correct’ term!), you will not find very much available. So don’t be shy about searching for ‘plus size swimwear’ these days. Even though that may still have a bit of the stigma of ‘overweight’ or ‘too big for normal’, that is where your best choices are found. There is hardly any online swimwear store that does not have a nice array of plus size swimwear to delight any fancy you have.

Gamiss Plus Size Butterfly Print Ruffle Trim Tankini Set
Plus Size Ruffle Trim Butterfly Print Tankini Set

Plus Size Styles Are Plentiful

Probably the most popular type of swimsuit among larger women is the tankini. Tankinis can go from plain to fanciful and flighty. Covering the tummy and hips, of course, brings attention up to the breasts. And with all the great bikini top styles to make your breasts attractive – halter tops to string tops, u-neck to v-neck, padded to underwire, you will find something to make it worth the time to ‘look up’!

Chicuu Floral Pop Sweetheart Bikini Plus Size Swimsuit
Floral Pop Sweetheart Bikini Plus Size Swimsuit

The Two-piece Dazzle

For full-figured women who are more comfortable with their size, two-piece swimsuits that show a little more skin are definitely a must. A comfortable low-cut bikini bottom with a supportive underwire and/or padded top can look just as sexy on a larger woman as any bikini does on a smaller woman.

RoseWholesale Plus Size Floral Underwire High Waist Bikini Set
Plus Size Floral Underwire High Waist Bikini Set

If that shows more skin than you like, however, you can get a beautiful high-waisted bikini, maybe with a top that has a band under the bust. Even these can come with a high-neck, u-neck, or a sexy v-neck top. Your comfort level with showing your neck, shoulders, and cleavage will determine how you make your choice here. As always, black (or dark blue) is the color to de-emphasize your bottom with a print top. Also, a different and interesting use of black, on the sides, creates a slimming look to your outfit.

Fashionmia Patchwork See-Through Printed Plus Size Swimwear
Patchwork See-Through Printed Plus Size Swimwear

Traditional or Non-traditional One-piece

Since the beginning of bikini-time, most larger women opted for one-piece swimsuits. Offering the most in coverage (of what some considered ‘flaws’), one-pieces are still popular, and lovely styles and designs continue to make all women look great. For the woman who is daring, though, you can also find deep-V, mesh, slimming one-piece swimwear that hints at a more self-confident and sexy woman wearing it.

As you can see, no woman can say that there just isn’t any swimsuit style she can look good in. With so many styles available today, pluck up a bit of courage and start looking. You are sure to find that one (or more) swimsuit that will turn heads and make jaws drop!

By Rob Dunn

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